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Thursday, 30 July 2015

A Gorilla Was Saved By This Man Years Ago. This Is What Happens When They Are Reunited. Hearttouching!

The bond which forms between human and creatures is absolutely heart-touching. A man saved this gorilla when gorilla was younger, and then he released the gorilla back into the wild.

Source: Youtube

After ten years when he visited to see gorilla and he was not expecting gorilla to remember him. Not only does this gorilla remember him, but their interaction was really heart touching. These really are AMAZING creatures.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

9 Most Cruel Torture Techniques Ever!

Centuries back, many physical torture devices were invented to torture the casualties as a showing of force and to make torment and dread among individuals. The abnormal thing is the character of imagination and feeling of delight that the torturers could identify with this ruthlessness.

Here are 9 most brutal techniques that were conceived in the history to create fear and discovering sadistic joy!

1. Rat Torture

A cage with the only side opening to the victim’s body would be packed with rats and warmed off. The cage would be tied to the victim’s body. The serious warming would urge the rodents to escape and so they would dug the victim’s body to discover an exit from the confine.

2. Brazen Bull

Made in Greece, this Sicilian Bull was really strong metal formed into a bull with an open door at one side. The victim would be put into the bull and exposed to flame underneath till the metal turned out to be yellow as it was warmed. The victim would shout violently and after that gradually get sufficiently roasted to lie quietly, dead.

3. Impalement

This technique for torture was adopted majorly by Vlad the Impaler in fifteenth Century in Rome. The victims would be forced to sit on strongly pointed poles and after that the poles would be raised high so that they would get punctured through the bodies of victims. It took a few days for the victims to die totally until which they endured extreme misery and agony.

4. Neck Torture

This was a neck device made up of metal or wooden belt with sharp spikes set to puncture the bolted neck. The most savage piece of this method is that the victims wearing this device couldn't eat, sleep or lie down for many weeks!

5. Coffin Torture

This method included locking the victim in a cage far littler than his size and hanging it to scaffolds or trees with no facility for eating or drinking. They would continue to be hanging and ultimately their bodies would be eaten up by scavengers.

6. Guillotine

The guillotine, a typical method of execution was made of a well sharpened blade connected to a rope. The victim would be laid down in a manner that the blade hanging above would remove his head on falling. It was known as most gentle technique for execution as it killed the victim immediately and did not abandon him half-dead and hurting.

7. The Rack

This was called the most agonising torture of middle age. The device contained a wooden frame with two ropes settled to the base and into the handle on top. The victim’s limbs would be extended until they were displaced. On occasion, the persistent extending would bring about complete detaching off the limbs from the body.

8. Cement Shoes

The American Mafia utilised this strategy for execution of their enemies. The feet of the enemy were put inside soot squares and topped off with wet cement. At the point when the cement hardened, the victim would be tossed alive into a river to die defencelessly.

9. Crocodile Shears

This iron pincer was warmed to intensely hot state and afterward used to detach body parts of the individuals who attempted to harm the king.
Source: list25

Monday, 20 July 2015

What This Loving Husband Secretly Does For His Blind Wife Is The SWEETEST Thing Ever...And She Doesn't Even Know It

Love is the most amazing thing in the world. Love is hope and it fills our dreams. It takes devotion and sacrifice. Love is powerful.

Source: Youtube

Love is a commitment to protecting another person's heart with the same passion you used to guard your own. This tale of a marriage is amazing. He noticed that his was was acting different but he doesn't know why. You are going to watch this all.. What an amazing inspiration.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Scientists Uncover A Shocking Discovery Underneath The Easter Island Heads. This Is SO Amazing!

I've generally considered the head statues on Easter Island to be an extraordinary miracle of the world; in any case, I've never really deliberated about them.

Source: Youtube/sonofmabarker

Truth be told, I've been stating them as "the head statues" my whole life, however they are really called Moai! The Moai were cut by the Rapa Nui individuals between 1250 - 1500 CE. Up to this point, it was accepted that, albeit remarkable in stature, the Moai were simply just heads. But, it was found that they are more than just these head statues. They're really connected to bodies that are buried deep at the underground and they're protected in unreadable writings called petroglyph.

The importance of these statues has mostly been quite a mystery. It's thrilling to imagine that these petroglyphs could be the way to solving the significance of these enormous Moai!

10 Terrifying Photos With The Creepiest Backstories Ever

You can tell just by taking a look at some of these photos that something terrible was either happening or going to. Every one of these photos is a piece to an unnerving or shocking story. When you examine, you are going to have some major difficulty overlooking what you saw.

1. The red car that is seen here had a bomb which blasted soon after this photo was clicked. This man and his kid survived but the photographer was not as lucky.

Image: Source

2. This is the photo of Tyler Hadley who killed his parents and then threw this party. His parents’ body was still lying in bedroom.

Image: Source

3. These two are believed to be Tara Calico and Michael Henley, they were kidnapped separately and never seen again. In the parking lot of market this polaroid was found.

Image: Source

4. The American politician, R. Budd Dwyer committed suicide on live TV. This photo was taken just before.

Image: Source

5. A politician from Philippines caught his killer on camera seconds before he was assassinated by him. 

Image: Source

6. Two repair workers were killed when a wind turbine they were working on caught fire.

Image: Source

7. These 2 people, Sean and Michael McQuilken both survived despite struck by lightning when this photo was taken.

Img Source

8. This is a photo of the mysterious Jonestown mass suicide.

Img Source

9. This photographer captured a suicide accidentally. 

Img / Source

10. Just before she was taken down by house debris caused by a flood, Omayra Sanchez was photographed. This is the last photo of her before she died.

Image: Source

Friday, 17 July 2015

This Man Broke A Mountain Alone : It Took Him 22 Years To Prove Them Wrong

The people living in small towns usually have to other places for work and other means. So, if the town is 1 mile away, that means you will have to travel 1 mile to reach. But for those in Gelhour, there was a hindrance of a 300 foot mountain between their town and the closest town, Wazirganj. 

Gelhour was a backward place where poor lived and did not have basic things like schools, hospitals or jobs. Therefore, to go to Wazirganj, these people had the only option of walking 45 miles around the mountain and risk their lives climbing over it. The climb was very tough, dangerous and took several hours, but everyone had to go through this in Gelhour.

Once a man named Dashrath Manjhi was on other side of the mountain working to bring wood for his family, his wife climbed the mountain in evening to deliver food for him. But, she fell from the mountain and hurt herself and the dishes which contained food was also broke. That was the moment when Dashrath decided that enough is enough.

He wondered that it has been so many years people are falling.

Dashrath made a resolve to put an end to this misery. He had to sell 3 goats of his family to buy tools such as hammer, chisel and crowbar and decide to cut the mountain to make a way.

The people of the town considered this task impossible and thought that he had gone mad. He also had to earn for his family apart from making his dream come true. The people thought is it possible for one man to singlehandedly break a 300 feet tall mountain?

It took him 22 years. But Dashrath did. His day job was to plow the fields of others from 8 am till 1 pm daily. This job was to feed his family. To feed his own dream though, he cut mountain from 4 am to 8am and from 1 pm till late in the evening.

So, after years and years of steely resolve and hard work, Dashrath achieved his dream to cut the mountain using only his hands and other loose tools. He created a road 30 feet wide and 360 feet across. Now, the place Wazirganj was just 3 miles away for people to go to work and kids to go to school.

Dashrath passed away in 2007 from Cancer, but he has left behind such a legacy that it inspires everyone who gets to know about his story. Dashrath is not just a hero for his village but the entire humanity.

Source: Youtube / Mipaal