Saturday, 21 February 2015

6 Mind Blowing Math Hacks Your Math Teachers Never Taught You

"I'm truly awful at math." What number of times have you heard that? Yet, fundamental math is a standout amongst the most valuable subjects we ever learn in school. Some have even said numbers are the key to the universe! That aside, a few of us have considerable issue with particular assignments and, with the ascent in smartphones, we have calculator with us all the time. However shouldn't we think about those rare minutes we don't? Here are 7 math hacks that will change your lives. Never be discovered looking awful again...EVER.

1. Multiples of 9 work in inverse direction!

2. Your fingers can state you the multiples of 6, 7, 8, and 9!

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3. Butterfly technique to add and subtract fractions!

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4. Start from the bottom, draw the line over 4 to 24 (4 total 6 times is 24). Draw a line to 3 (3 six times is 18). Now, draw the top line and you can write your answer. Reverse Zorro!

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5. Instructions to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and the other way around all in your mind!

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6. Percentages won’t strangle your mind again.

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