Wednesday, 22 July 2015

9 Most Cruel Torture Techniques Ever!

Centuries back, many physical torture devices were invented to torture the casualties as a showing of force and to make torment and dread among individuals. The abnormal thing is the character of imagination and feeling of delight that the torturers could identify with this ruthlessness.

Here are 9 most brutal techniques that were conceived in the history to create fear and discovering sadistic joy!

1. Rat Torture

A cage with the only side opening to the victim’s body would be packed with rats and warmed off. The cage would be tied to the victim’s body. The serious warming would urge the rodents to escape and so they would dug the victim’s body to discover an exit from the confine.

2. Brazen Bull

Made in Greece, this Sicilian Bull was really strong metal formed into a bull with an open door at one side. The victim would be put into the bull and exposed to flame underneath till the metal turned out to be yellow as it was warmed. The victim would shout violently and after that gradually get sufficiently roasted to lie quietly, dead.

3. Impalement

This technique for torture was adopted majorly by Vlad the Impaler in fifteenth Century in Rome. The victims would be forced to sit on strongly pointed poles and after that the poles would be raised high so that they would get punctured through the bodies of victims. It took a few days for the victims to die totally until which they endured extreme misery and agony.

4. Neck Torture

This was a neck device made up of metal or wooden belt with sharp spikes set to puncture the bolted neck. The most savage piece of this method is that the victims wearing this device couldn't eat, sleep or lie down for many weeks!

5. Coffin Torture

This method included locking the victim in a cage far littler than his size and hanging it to scaffolds or trees with no facility for eating or drinking. They would continue to be hanging and ultimately their bodies would be eaten up by scavengers.

6. Guillotine

The guillotine, a typical method of execution was made of a well sharpened blade connected to a rope. The victim would be laid down in a manner that the blade hanging above would remove his head on falling. It was known as most gentle technique for execution as it killed the victim immediately and did not abandon him half-dead and hurting.

7. The Rack

This was called the most agonising torture of middle age. The device contained a wooden frame with two ropes settled to the base and into the handle on top. The victim’s limbs would be extended until they were displaced. On occasion, the persistent extending would bring about complete detaching off the limbs from the body.

8. Cement Shoes

The American Mafia utilised this strategy for execution of their enemies. The feet of the enemy were put inside soot squares and topped off with wet cement. At the point when the cement hardened, the victim would be tossed alive into a river to die defencelessly.

9. Crocodile Shears

This iron pincer was warmed to intensely hot state and afterward used to detach body parts of the individuals who attempted to harm the king.
Source: list25

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